What You Can Catch with Semeru Trekking Tour ?

What You Can Catch with Semeru Trekking Tour . Semeru is like a dream of every hiker who wants to challenge their adrenaline while pleasing the eyes with picturesque scenery. It makes sense to know the fact that the Java’s tallest volcano has thousands of visitors each year. During Semeru trekking tour, there are many great things that you will see. Let’s mention the extraordinarily beautiful Lake Kumbolo, Oro-Oro Ombo grassland and the peak of Mount Semeru itself. Don’t forget the unforgettable sunrise view. Overall, this is an outstanding opportunity to trek and hike this mount.

What You Can Catch with Semeru Trekking Tour ?

Among many beautiful parks in Indonesia, Semeru has one. Semeru trekking tour has interesting package that includes transport, hiking permit and a guide. You will also get camping equipment and food. Once you join a package, you will start the tour from mount bromo tour package continued to Ranu Pane for the registration. From there, you will take 10.5 kilometers of hiking trek to Lake Kumbolo. The surrounding scenery so pleases your eyes that you will not feel exhausted. After reaching Lake Kumbolo, you can take a rest for a while to take pictures and enjoy the view. Continue trekking to Kalimati for about 3 hours. Over there, start to set up the tent, and then take a rest until 11 pm.

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The Charm Of  Mount Semeru Trekking and Point Of Interest

The next destination is the peak of Semeru. It takes 6 hours from Kalimati. You can witness the wonderful sunrise from the peak of Semeru. With cool atmosphere, it will be a great moment to be captured. Take time as you want because the next agenda will be packing and drop off. Pack up your bag then trek back to Ranu Pane. You will be dropped off in your desired place. That is the end of Semeru tour. Even though it seems really quick, you need much preparation especially your body fitness. Arrange the schedule right away and fly to East Java!

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