What You Can Catch with Semeru Trekking Tour ?

What You Can Catch with Semeru Trekking Tour . Semeru is like a dream of every hiker who wants to challenge their adrenaline while pleasing the eyes with picturesque scenery. It makes sense to know the fact that the Java’s tallest volcano has thousands of visitors each year. During Semeru trekking tour, there are many great things that you will see. Let’s mention the extraordinarily beautiful Lake Kumbolo, Oro-Oro Ombo grassland and the peak of Mount Semeru itself. Don’t forget the unforgettable sunrise view. Overall, this is an outstanding opportunity to trek and hike this mount.

What You Can Catch with Semeru Trekking Tour ?

Among many beautiful parks in Indonesia, Semeru has one. Semeru trekking tour has interesting package that includes transport, hiking permit and a guide. You will also get camping equipment and food. Once you join a package, you will start the tour from mount bromo tour package continued to Ranu Pane for the registration. From there, you will take 10.5 kilometers of hiking trek to Lake Kumbolo. The surrounding scenery so pleases your eyes that you will not feel exhausted. After reaching Lake Kumbolo, you can take a rest for a while to take pictures and enjoy the view. Continue trekking to Kalimati for about 3 hours. Over there, start to set up the tent, and then take a rest until 11 pm.

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The Charm Of  Mount Semeru Trekking and Point Of Interest

The next destination is the peak of Semeru. It takes 6 hours from Kalimati. You can witness the wonderful sunrise from the peak of Semeru. With cool atmosphere, it will be a great moment to be captured. Take time as you want because the next agenda will be packing and drop off. Pack up your bag then trek back to Ranu Pane. You will be dropped off in your desired place. That is the end of Semeru tour. Even though it seems really quick, you need much preparation especially your body fitness. Arrange the schedule right away and fly to East Java!

Bromo Tour Package From Surabaya Is The Best

The Bromo Tour Package from Surabaya is the best. Bromo is a tourist destination located in East Java and is never deserted by visitors. One of the reasons that make tourists attractive is because there you not only enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo, but can enjoy other tours that are not far from Bromo such as tours in the city of Batu and Surabaya.

Bromo Tour Package From Surabaya

Therefore it is not surprising if finally the Bromo tour package is the right choice for tourists who want to visit Bromo and its surroundings. Currently there are so many choices of travel packages to Bromo, such as based on the destination you want to visit, the duration of time needed for vacation and other tour packages.

For those of you who currently need a tour package based on location such as the Bromo Tour Package from Surabaya, the choice of this package is right for you.

Bromo Tour Package From Surabaya Is The Best

At first glance about the Bromo tour package from Surabaya, namely the trip to Bromo directly by being picked up in Surabaya, whether it’s at Juanda Aiport, Train Station, Hotel or your home address. Choice of travel package services with varied package prices. You just need to adjust to the budget you have at the same time the facilities you want.

If you choose the Bromo Tour Package from Surabaya, there are several package options that we recommend for you. Some tourists prefer the Bromo tour package with cheap budget, so they can save money and can visit more interesting places in East Java. There are also tourists who prefer premium packages, because they want a comfortable vacation with good facilities.Here are some options for the Bromo tour package from Surabaya:

The Bromo Midnight Tour package is a tour package to Bromo with a duration of approximately 12 hours. Pickup / Meeting Point in Surabaya at midnight so you no longer need to stay around Mount Bromo.

bromo package 2 days 1 night. We recommend this one package for you because it is suitable for those who have limited time but still want to have a tour schedule that is not too crowded and want to spend the night at the hotel around Mount Bromo so you can enjoy a comfortable and memorable vacation time.

Bromo Tour Package, a Tour Full of Wonder

Bromo Tour Package, a Tour Full of Wonder . As one of the Mother Nature tourist destinations in Indonesia, Mount Bromo will offer many of wonderful experience for tourists. Accordingly, this destination shall not be neglected from your agenda in discovering the beautiful Indonesia. The previous sentences lead many to wonder about this Mount bromo tour package eventually. But in all truth, what being said about the tour above is pretty much correct. Below are the things that you may experience in the tour.

Bromo Tour Package, a Tour Full of Wonder

Of course, sunrise is one of the highlights among many about Bromo tour package. If you don’t believe in it, then you should totally go to watch it by yourself in front of your very eyes. There are so many pictures of sunrise taken from many viewpoints of Bromo, but experiencing it only via pictures would not give you the same feeling when you experience it firsthand. The second one is horse riding. Say, how often you can get an opportunity to ride a horse like people from centuries ago? It’s not many, obviously. At the foot of mountain, there are people renting their horses for tourist to hop on to circle around the area. That is your chance to take a walk around by riding a horse.

Bromo Tour Package, a Tour Full of Wonder

The peaceful village above the cloud is the next thing you may witness on the Bromo tour package. There is Cemoro Lawang village surround the Mount Bromo. With a very neat layout of residence as well as terrain, the greenness of Cemoro Lawang village is more than the greenness of your terrace. It is a very peaceful and serene view to watch and see. The better you will experience is when the sun rises and the light peeking through the village. The fresh haze lingering the village will complete the look and make you wonder if you are in heaven.

Best Sights In Mount Rinjani Trekking

Who does not know the mountain Rinjani, one of the highest active volcanoes in Indonesia has been known for its beauty to foreign countries. It can be known from the many interests of foreign tourists who want to conquer mountain Rinjani. To reach the summit gunun grinjani available 2 paths that you can choose the path of the famous extreme Senaru and Sembalun path famous for its savannah. From these two paths must have its own shortcomings and advantages, for those of you who like the challenges it is advisable to go through the Senaru route while it is for those of you who want to go through an easier path it is advisable to go through the Sembalun line.

To conquer the peak gunng Moun Rinjani Trekking actually do not require too much special equipment because mental, stamina and patience is more necessary to reach the top of rinjani mountain. Before reaching the peak you will go through the lip of the mountain from which point you can go to the lake or “Segara tillers”. In that place you can do various activities ranging from fishing, soaking in the pool of hot springs, camping and so forth. But you need travel time about 2 hours to be able to reach the lake or immediately from the lips of the mountain.

Meanwhile, from the lake to the top of the mountain you will need more time to be able to achieve that is about 7 hours journey that will be divided into 2 stages. Because of the preparation of logistics and stamina are fit in the climb is necessary because all will be in vain if you give up on the road. Especially if it has reached the ridge in the mountains you must pass through a rocky terrain that climbs because in one step forward you will retreat back half step because of muddy rocks.

But if you’ve managed to conquer then you can see the scenery is very stunning. From the height you can see the beauty of 3 other mountains in 3 different islands of Mount Agung in Bali, Mount Tambora in Sumbawa and Mount Raung in Banyuwangi.